Learn about the OB Care application.


What is ONAF?

The Obstetrical Needs Assessment Form (ONAF) form in Pennsylvania is intended for Medical Assistance (MA) recipients in the ACCESS Plus and Fee for Service delivery systems as well as recipients enrolled in HealthChoices voluntary or mandatory Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). The ONAF serves as initial notification of pregnancy and as an ongoing maternity assessment for recipients. Prompt submission of the ONAF by providers allows enrollment of patients in the appropriate maternity program as early as possible and helps provide additional support for recipients and providers.

What is OB Care?

OB Care is an online application which allows providers to enter patient information into the pregnancy assessment forms electronically and to submit the form online. This allows the provider to carry forward information to subsequent assessment forms throughout the patient’s pregnancy in addition to lessening the need for cumbersome faxing.

Is there a User Guide for OB Care?

How do I register for OBCare?

When setting up an account for the first time in OB Care the user must be on the OB Care homepage at and click the Log in button. From there the user will be directed to the Optum ID registration page. The user will then be asked for their information and to create a Username and Password. Once this is completed the user will receive a confirmation number that will verify the Users email address. User must select a clinic that they will be representing. Approval will be granted by an Admin and the User now has access to OB Care.

What is my inbox?

The Inbox is a list of all patients with active pregnancy assessment forms. From the Inbox you can navigate to the patient overview, their form, complete and submit the assessment.

How do I add a patient?

To add a patient, you will need the following patient information: first and last name, health plan member ID and date of birth. Adding a patient also initiates the assessment form.

What reports can I run?

Currently the only report available is a listing of all the patients and their assessments you have completed. The listing can be found by viewing the "Inbox" or "Archive".

What is My Account?

My Account stores your OB Care account information through Optum ID and allows you to make changes.

What is the Admin tile?

The admin tile of OB Care is where clinic administrators can approve users and credentials to users in their clinic.

What is the Clinics tile?

The Clinics tile is where healthcare facilities are configured and maintained within OB Care.

What if I forgot my Username?

Should you forget your username name please use the following steps to retrieve it: From the Optum ID login page, click "Forgot Username".

  1. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Primary Email Address and click "Continue".
  2. Your username will be sent to your primary email address.

What if I forgot my password?

Should you forget your password please use the following steps to retrieve it:

  1. From the Optum ID login page, click "Forgot Password".
  2. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Primary Email Address and click "Continue".
  3. A link to reset your Password and Security Questions will be sent to your primary email address.
  4. Upon successfully resetting your security credentials, you will be returned to your point of origin.

What is Optum ID?

Instead of having to manage and maintain multiple user identities across applications, Optum ID empowers the user to register for a single health identity (their Optum ID) and use it to authenticate oneself to any application that allows 'Sign in with Optum ID'. Applications that enable 'Sign in with Optum ID' are referred to in this document as Relying Party application or Service Provider application.

using your Optum ID

The option to Sign-In with your Optum ID will be presented by the Service Provider application either as a hyperlink or button. Once you click on either option, the Optum ID login screen will appear where you will be prompted to enter your Optum ID credentials. You can login using a combination of either Username and Password or Email (primary email on file) and Password.

Upon successful authentication you will be routed back to the Service Provider application. Should your authentication fail, the appropriate reason will be displayed.

The first time you access a Service Provider application via your Optum ID; a screen will be displayed indicating which identity attributes the service provider will be accessing from your Optum ID profile.

Registering for your Optum ID

User will need to click the Register button on the top right of the landing page to beginning the process of registering for their Optum ID. (Currently it is called out as "Sign in")

To register for your new Optum ID in any of the contexts mentioned above, you will be required to provide the following details (* indicates a required field):

  1. First Name*
  2. Last Name*
  3. Suffix
  4. Email*
  5. Username*
  6. Password*

In addition to the above details, if you are registering or logging in within the context of a specific Service Provider application (i.e., contexts a & b above), you may be prompted to provide additional personal information such as Date of Birth and/or security information such as Security Questions and Answers depending on the respective application's preference and requirements.